Year 1999-2000. The flow goes on ...

Below: Glitter Ball Metallic lava lamps from Mathmos offered a hybrid of a glitter lamp and a lava lamp. The wax is metallic and features glitter contained within the wax itself. The effect is absolutely mesmerising and extremely dazzling. Below one can also see Mathmos lava lamp toppers, characters that you can place on top of your lava lamp to add character to them.

Glitter Ball Metallic Lamps: Astrobaby Style Lamps with Metallic Wax. Later a clear and silver Glitter Ball was released. This combination looks like liquid metal in a bottle and is absolutely amazing.

Also two Glitter Ball colours that are not displayed in catalogues, also appear Clear/ Blue and Clear/ Green. The Silver Glitter Ball differs from the coloured Glitter Balls as it uses very very fine silver glitter pieces that flow in the lava and create that metallic blob look. The coloured Glitter Balls feature wax with larger chunks of glitter pieces embedded into the wax.

The Clear/ Green Glitter Ball. One of the most commonly seen Glitter Ball lamps is the clear/green Glitter Ball. Please note that the coloured Glitter Balls featured large pieces of glitter in coloured wax. Silver Glitter Balls feature powdered glitter in wax.

The texture of the wax can be seen in the images above. These lamps are very stunning and although they do not have the flow of a traditional Mathmos Lava lamp, they do offer slow moving ovoid shapes in the bottle, which are mesmerising.

The Clear/ Blue Glitter Ball. Another commonly seen Glitter Ball lamp is the clear/blue Glitter Ball. An example of this model can be seen in the images below. Please note that the coloured Glitter Balls featured large pieces of glitter in coloured wax.


Lamp Topper Models - Mathmos Man, Glitterbaby, Astrobaby: Food Grade PVC Toppers that fit onto all Mathmos Original Lava Lamps except the Lunar and Fluidium. Slightly translucent and glow then the lamp is switched on.


Lamp Topper Models - Additional photos of: Mathmos Man, Glitterbaby. Please see images below.

Faze Three - large Mathmos floor standing lamp that was designed to move through colours and could change colours based on sound.

Mathmos Fibre Space, sadly copied by other manufacturers, an amazing fibre optic lamp. Still one of the best Fibre Optic lamps. The number of knock offs of this lamp I have seen is shocking but nothing is as beautiful as the fibre-space. Spun aluminium base, plastic base. Solid colours in a rainbow on a colour wheel. Please see images below. There are two versions of this product, one with a black base then an upgraded version that had a white plastic base and a far brighter colour wheel as advertised.

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