Mathmos 1990s | Mathmos Retail Store Display Guidelines ...

Although Mathmos' lamps are extremely beautiful they can be difficult to display in stores where there is an excess of store lighting, as Mathmos lamps project ambient lighting. I remember as a kid walking into a department store in Croydon, London called Allders, and thinking that the Mathmos displays were so wonderful and further to this, they looked like they had dropped from another planet into the shop. They were so different and so wacky to the boring standard lamps around them. These stands were a great way to catch people's eyes and generate attention!

Mathmos therefore created display modules both table top and floor standing editions to promote their Lava and Glitter ranges. Please see the images below. This page is also great for ideas on how to display your lamps at home, as you can copy the configurations and colour assortments in your own displays at home.

The brochure reads: "Mathmos has a variety of point of sale aids for retailers including stickers, product information cards, price tags and give away brochures. Mathmos also loans a variety of modules to improve display in store."

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