Mathmos Fibre Space | Mathmos' Last Fibre Optic lamp of the 1990s | Introduction

Mathmos is well known for their range of Astro Lava Lamps and Glitter lamps. However, just like Crestworth in 1970s, Mathmos in the 1990s, designed and produced their own range of lively fibre optic lamps. Fibre optic lamps essentially contain a bulb which produces light, this light enters tiny long optical fibres which produce tiny star looking dots of light at the end of the fibres.

Below: Scans from 1990s Mathmos Brochures which display the Mathmos Fibre Space. Also shows various promo shots and technical specs for Fibre Space. Width: 50cm Height: 37.5cm.

Mathmos Fibre Space | Line Drawings

Mathmos Fibre Space, sadly copied by other manufacturers, was a beautiful fibre optic lamp. Still one of the best Fibre Optic lamps. Fibre Space is manufactured from a spun aluminium top part and a plastic underside base. Solid colours in a rainbow on a colour wheel. Please see images below. There are two versions of Fibre Space, an earlier one with a black base then an upgraded version that had a white plastic base and a far brighter colour wheel as advertised.

Mathmos Fibre Space | Display Guidelines

Below: Also seen on the Display Guidelines. Please see 3rd stand (far right), last shelf.

Mathmos Fibre Space | Fibre Space Instructions

Below are the original instructions that originally shipped with the Mathmos Fibre Space. They document maintenance, cleaning and operation of the product.

Over time components inside the Fibre Space may need replacement. This webpage shows the components that form a Fibre Space and furthermore looks inside this wonderful lamp.

Please note there are two editions of the Mathmos Fibre Space. The earlier models featured a totally black underside, whereas later models featured a white underside, further to this later models had a much brighter and better colourwheel as noted in a Mathmos brochure.

Please note correct bulb as indicated on lamp base is: 20W, 12V 35mm Closed Dichronic Spot Only. Never exceed the wattage recommended.

Please note correct transformer details: PRI: 230V 50Hz 26W SEC:12V 1.8A 21.6 VA. Please keep all transformers well ventilated.

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