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Hippielight.com is dedicated to the history of the lava lamp and other amazing lights, however often in vintage Sears and Wards catalogs, rain lamps are featured next to vintage lava lamps and other beautiful fiber optic lighting. We had a small amount of old vintage adverts and brochure scans that we thought it would be cool to make a small section dedicated to them. Welcome to our mini rain lamp corner. Rain lamps were often seen in swag form and table top form and Johnson Industries really knew how to create some very beautiful editions.

The image below shows a scan from a vintage Johnson Industries Catalog. Thank you kindly to Scott for the images below. If you have one of these wonderful rain lamps, they are so beautiful.

As you can see below. Johnson Industries manufactured a wide range of rain lamps and are credited as the inventor of the rain lamps. I hope the images below are helpful to people who wish to identify their rain lamp. However these scans just originate from one brochure and there are many more styles out there. Also Johnson Industries were not the only people who produced these wonderful rain lamps, however they are credited as the inventors of this style of lamp and the invention. So the real question if you could have one, would you choose swag or table top? I am on the fence ... These rain lamps are very ornate in style and often very classical with their goddess statues in the middle of the lamp.

The front cover below shows four rain lamps that play homage to the elegant beauty of rain lamps. There is an impressive swag edition Model: 890. One of my favourites is Model T970 which features praying hands, perfect to pray next to. There is also a model which supports a shade and a beautiful Rain Picture. If you need any help with your rain lamp, we can help you, simply pop an email to the friendly folks at hippielight@googlemail.com

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Johnson Industries produced a wide range of rain lights. I particularly love the Model 700s which features a dimensionally longer design that allows for more rain to travel down and creates beautiful effects. These lamps are just so beautiful and work silently to create a beautiful effect. Clear droplets of rain oil glide through the rain lamps many strings which gives the sensation of rain falling. All the lamps below featured complete with their statues and greenery, ready to go and enjoy.

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Johnson Industries produced a wide range of rain lights. Even more rain lamps can be seen below. Is yours one of the ones below? Do you have story about your vintage rain lamp, we'd love to hear it. Drop us an email at hippielight@googlemail.com

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Johnson Industries produced a wide range of rain lights one which is so distinctively unique and known as the Rain Picture. Rain Picture featured two kinds of frame finishes: weathered brass or the highly polished chrome version. Rain Picture from Johnson Industries combines the beauty of rain lamp with decorator prints. Prints included: Autumn Forest, Running Horses, Seascape Sunset, Mountain Lake, Stormy Sea, City Skyline and Gondola. However if you want something more personal, you can remove the print and pop in your own. So funky. One of my favourite all time rain lamps is Model 670 which was designed to be wall mounted via beautiful bracket and bracket. This is one of the most stunning rain lamps ever created.

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