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This page is especially dedicated to a vintage candle powered lava lamp known as the: The Savoy/ Continental Lava Lamp. These models are particularly special as they are non-electric and cordless. This means you can place them anywhere you want. They were perfect and designed for a wide range of places especially: restaurants, nightclubs, dinner tables and lounges. They were cordless and powered by a candle. Many people think these utilised tea-lights but the whole base was actually a candle and one could order new glass bases when one had run out. These lamps are extremely difficult to find and are very rare.

Please see the images below that were kindly donated by my friends: Fog aka Craig French and Manix aka Brad from oozinggoo.com. Below is a vintage 1966 brochure scan for the Savoy 3000 Series. Please note the colour combinations and options.

Savoy featured two metal body combinations: Silver base, collar and cap. Gold base, collar and cap.

Model: 3212: Gold Metalwork. Orange Wax. Yellow Fluid.

Model: 3215: Gold Metalwork. Champ. Wax. Champ/ Mist.

Model: 3216: Gold Metalwork. Red Wax. Clear Fluid.

Model: 3222: Silver Metalwork. Orange Wax. Yellow Fluid.

Model: 3225: Silver Metalwork. Champ. Wax. Champ/ Mist.

Model: 3226: Silver Metalwork. Red Wax. Clear Fluid.

This product was also featured in a Happy Occasion pack. The Happy Occasion pack featured the Savoy's lava lamp globes with festive text such as Happy Holiday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, a very nice thought as a gift for anyone. Savoy is one of the most beautiful vintage lava lamps ever created. Savoy is later known as the Continental in 1970s literature and sales brochures.

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