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Fantasia 1050 Alpha Unboxing | Matthew Woodham

This mini gallery page is dedicated to the awesome Fantasia Vintage Alpha lamp design. A friend Matt Woodham, kindly took the amazing photos of his stunning lamp and a great part of Fantasia's history. This lamp even has the warranty card, it is practically mint. A big thank you goes to Matt, for his kind help.

Alpha features a funky shaped neat base with a beautiful fiber spray. This lamp looks stunning switched off and insanely great when it is on. You can see the lamp, the component parts, paperwork and the packaging box.

Please see the images below for more details. This page shows a vintage model but this model was also adopted by Vicon who took over Fantasia. After all it is such a classic design.

Image Below: Fantasia | The Lamp Of A Thousand Lights.

Image Below: Fantasia | Lamp, Box, Instructions and Warranty Card.

Image Below: Lamp next to box. Note the wonderful shaped base and holes on the base.

Image Below: Fantasia fiber spray detached from base and another view.

Image Below: Lamp base.

Image Below: Instruction page.

Image Below: Warranty Card.

Image Below: Funky shaped base.

Image Below: Taking a look inside the base.

Image Below: Taking another look inside the base.

Image Below: Base of the lamp. Alpha Mod. 1050 Use 15w bulb.

Image Below: Fiber spray.

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