Crestworth Icons of Illumination | Wall Mounted Crestworth Nordic Sconce Design ...

Crestworth created a beautiful and diverse range of Glitterlite lamp designs, from table lamps which featured the option to accommodate lampshades, a stunning wall-mounted model, to their entry-level Telstar design, to the elegant export Cosmos design, to even a beautiful brass finished model.

We particularly love the wall-mounted Crestworth Nordic sconce design which features a backlight option. This design features two switches, each placed on either side of the lamp's design. One switch would switch on the backlight on the top and bottom of the piece. The other switch activates the lamp's main feature, to illuminate the contents of the bottle. The models most often seen, feature the Glitterlite formulation but Crestworth's wall-mounted lamps also featured the Astro lava lamp liquids and if the customer wished, The Living Jewel.

Manufactured by Crestworth in both copper and silver anodic finishes. With special thanks to Christian Schulze-Bäing for the images below of the Crestworth Nordic sconce design.

Glitterlite: Known Colours: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire (Night Sky), Amber (Autumn Leaves).

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