Crestworth Twiggy | Brochure Material | Images Courtesy of Kathie Thomas

Twiggy is described as "THE SENSATIONAL ALL-PURPOSE LAMP" in a vintage Crestworth Brochure. Please see the beautiful artwork and brochure images introducing "Twiggy" ...

Crestworth Twiggy | A lamp for every place and every situation | Images Courtesy of Carolyn of Flying Duck

Twiggy is described as "THE SENSATIONAL ALL-PURPOSE LAMP" in a vintage Crestworth Brochure. Think of any situation where a flexible all purpose lamp could be used, then think of Twiggy. Twiggy is one of the rarest Crestworth models. Very few have ever been seen. A silver finished version can be seen below.

Crestworth Twiggy | A lamp for every place

Crestworth's Twiggy Lamp is essentially an all purpose lamp with extreme functionality as you can keep on constantly changing the position and the form of the lamp by adjusting it. Recently a Crestworth Twiggy surfaced for sale from the owners of the legendary retro store Flying Duck that traded in London UK. This page is dedicated to the the Crestworth Twiggy and also to the kind people at Flying Duck. The Flying Duck retro store was one of the greatest shops in London for retro items. It was really awesome and was so different to anything else in London. Interestingly, the Twiggy lamp did not even sell in their closing down sale, yet this little gem was brought to the limelight when it was placed online for sale. This just goes to show that even the rarest pieces of Crestworth history are out there somewhere.

Crestworth Twiggy is one of the most hardest pieces of Crestworth history to find. Thank you to Carolyn for the images above and friendship.

Crestworth Twiggy | A lamp for every place | Images by Phill | Planet72

Below one can see another beautiful example of a Crestworth Twiggy lamp, these lamps are extremely rare. However the lamp below features a flocked shade in green that makes the shade soft to the touch and adds a beautiful touch to this piece. Note the amazing design of Twiggy which allows it to be flexible and strike a range of poses. Images below are courtesy of Phill at Planet72.

Crestworth Twiggy | A lamp for every place | Images by Kathie Thomas

Another beautiful Crestworth Twiggy has been seen, this time with a beautiful fuzzy orange shade. One can see the shade below. Please see the images below courtesy of Kathie Thomas.

Crestworth Twiggy | A lamp for every place | Images by Tim Hurdle

Yet another Twiggy lamp has been seen this time with a grey flocked shade. The images below kindly donated by Tim Hurdle show the lamp in all its beauty. A stunning Crestworth lamp. Strike a pose.

Crestworth Twiggy | Unboxing A Vintage Crestworth Twiggy Lamp & Story by Linda Rawlins

A beautiful vintage Crestworth Twiggy lamp was recently unboxed by Linda Rawlins who very kindly photographed her Crestworth Twiggy, with an interesting story as to how she came about rescuing such an interesting and unusual lamp design.

"Three years ago we purchased a waterfront apartment, literally on a cliff, in Cliff Road, Livermead which is just outside Torquay.

Many years ago the Cliff had previously housed The Savoy Hotel, which went on to be used as accommodation for nurses, doctors and surgeons during and post World War 2. The South West Coastal Path ran right through the beautiful grounds, on the cliff edge.

In the mid 1980's a local builder/developer bought the entire house and its surrounding gardens but couldn't develop the plot as he wished to because of the public access required for the Coastal path.

( Eventually the National Trust controversially sold him that portion of the Coastal Path thus enabling him to proceed with his new building comprising 34 luxury apartments, and causing bewildered tourists, to this day, to have to leave the beautiful Coastal scenery behind as the rerouted coastal path now takes them several hundred yards alongside the no 12 bus route from Torquay to Brixham, which lays claim to be the busiest bus route in the whole of Europe. At peak times one every 3 minutes! This will become relevant later if I haven't already bored you!
We got used to the sight of bewildered foreigners struggling up the cliff where the path ran out, exhausted and heading through the Gardens shaking their heads. )

Sadly it seems the builder ran out of money and when all looked bleak had the good fortune to meet an elderly gentleman who loved the area having regularly stayed at a hotel a few hundred yards away.

This 74 year old gentleman went on to buy, off plan, four apartments -one to live in and three for investment purposes thus enabling the build to proceed.

Fast forward to 2015 when we bought the apartment he had lived in, in a very sad and sorry state but complete with all its original fixtures including 2 very dated bathrooms and the original kitchen, fashionable and stylish in its day but very tired.

He had passed away aged 104 in a nearby hospital and had financed his lengthy retirement by selling the other three apartments, one at a time. We were told he had no living relatives and had been so grateful to the National Trust for selling the coastal path so that he could enjoy his beautiful home that he had bequeathed them his entire estate.

They were not easy vendors to deal with as everything had to be dealt with by a committee which didn't meet very regularly! However we had fallen in love with the panoramic views from the apartment and persevered. They sold it complete with everything we viewed, refused to remove any of it, old electric fireplace etc and ancient washing machine and fridge , they said it was sold as seen and included all contents.

So we became the proud owners of two Art Deco mirrors and filled two skips with everything else, BUT as our carpenter , removing the old kitchen was about to throw this vintage yellow and white box, found on top of a wall cabinet, into the skip I stopped him with a yell and said ' what is a Twiggy Lamp when it's at home? '.

And that's how I came to rescue and inherit this intriguing lamp which almost ended up in a skip.

We enjoyed three glorious years in that beautiful location but eventually the sheer volume of traffic caused us to move and we are now peacefully ensconced in a beautiful South Devon village four miles from Dartmoor and four miles from the coast. Idyllic ..." - By Linda Rawlins ...

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