Mathmos Space Projector | Projecting beautiful ambient light.

The Mathmos Space Projector was created in the later part of the 1990s and has been a very successful Mathmos product. Space Projector is an oil wheel projector perfect for home, parties and just wonderful to look into. Space Projector can project onto a wall, ceiling or even the floor. Over the years Space Projector has been launched in so many different finishes but the core product has remained the same. In 2019, Mathmos transitioned to LED bulbs to power the Space Projector.

Space Projector is a classic Mathmos piece. In the 2000s, Mathmos created the Graphic artwork wheels in limited editions by cutting edge graphic designers. These created a whole new dimension into the Space Projector and what it could possibly do. These were exhibited in the Mathmos' showroom on Old Street as Surreal Wallpaper and at various tradeshows around the world including the ICFF in New York.

Below one can see images of the Mathmos Space Projector from different moments in time, starting with its first appearance in a 1998-1999 Mathmos brochure, where it is listed as a new product.

Mathmos Space Projector Upgrade Pack No: 2

Below from a Mathmos Brochure one can see the Mathmos Space Projector Upgrade Pack No: 2 which contains six colour wash slides, a clear wheel to write and draw on, a non-permanent pen is provided. They work together with the oil wheels to create a multitude of great new effects.

Mathmos Space Projector | Translucent Blue, Pink & Green & Oil or Graphic.

Below one can see the Mathmos Space Projector in range of translucent colours alongside the classic silver model. Mathmos released Space Projector in Translucent Blue, Green and Pink for a short space of time. One can also see the Space Projector Pop-Up card showing the choice of oil wheels and limited edition graphic artwork wheels by select graphic designers. Very trippy.

Mathmos Space Projector | An example of a Mathmos Limited Edition Graphic Pack.

Below one can see a Mathmos Limited Edition Graphic pack in this case, Planes by Two Create. The designers of Mathmos' Airswitch TC and Melt candle holders. Each graphic pack comes in a slide case with instructions and four colour slides which can be placed inside to alter the colour of the projector. These small slides are placed into the slide unit which can be found on the side of the Space Projector. The graphics are laser cut from sheet metal and placed on the inside of the wheel. I purchased this slide at the Mathmos Boutique in London when seeing it projecting onto the ceiling of the mini shop.

Mathmos Space Projector | Assorted Oil and Graphic Wheel Options

Below: One can see various oil wheels produced by Mathmos in a Mathmos brochure. One can see a wide range of Mathmos Wheel options as found on the reverse of the Mathmos Space Projector Box. Note the Graphic Art wheels.

Mathmos Space Projector | Projecting onto other Mathmos lights ...

Below are some photos showing the Mathmos Space Projector projecting onto other Mathmos lights such as the Mathmos Astro, Astro Baby and Teardrop.

Mathmos Space Projector | Hightlights of 2006 at the ICFF in New York.

Hightlights from Mathmos' trade stand in 2006 at the ICFF in New York showing Aduki Ni and graphic art wheels from many designers projecting away.

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