Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | A Vintage Floor Standing Lava Lamp that makes a statement like no other.

Little is known about the Crestworth Princess, however it is one of the largest lamps ever produced by Crestworth. Featuring the same globe as the Crestworth Giant and Mathmos Fireball it uses liquid wax to accelerate startup time of the lamp. They can be dated by the fact they were used in early episodes of Doctor Who. Therefore one can deduce the Crestworth Princess is from the 60s. These lamps were routinely used in Crestworth tradeshows, where they certainly made an eye-catching display, that showcases the signature movement of the lava lamp liquids.

The Princess used liquid wax to accelerate the warm-up time of the lamp, this means it is impossible for it to be moved as the lamp will cloud when moved as the wax is not solid. The Crestworth Princess is an extremely rare model and is considered as the largest Crestworth lava lamp. Only a fraction of these actually exist and are very elusive to find.

Due to the large nature, the Crestworth Princess requires post production filling, this is due to its contents. The Princess uses a wax that remains totally liquidy at room temperature, allowing the lamp to the start up very quickly. Very similar to the very early Astros, during the early years of Crestworth. The problem is that any movement of the lamp will result in emulsification of the lamp (permanent cloudiness), making it impossible to transport.

The containers used in the Princess have also been said to be used in other larger pieces such as the Crestworth Trading: Giant and the Mathmos Fireball. The model below was seen in Mathmos 2009 exhibition regarding the history of the lava lamp.

Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | Restoring a Glitter Example of the Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp. is proud to present a photo essay by Crestworth and Mathmos collectors Callum and Nick Carr who patiently restored a Vintage Crestworth Princess Rocket lamp, and kindly documented the process for us. This beautiful lamp was found featuring Crestworth's Glitterlite formulation but required filtering to remove the retired glitter with new pieces. The metal work was polished, the piece was beautifully rewired and the supporting wooden structure was sanded and stained. As part of this restoration a new locking system was invented. This beautiful restoration, respects the original design and ensures it will last for years to come. The images below are the kind courtesy of Callum and Nick Carr.

Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | Black and White | Glitter Detail.

The beautiful images below in black and white showcase what colour can simply not register, the beautiful shimmering dots of light of the glitter in this beautifully restored Crestworth Princess. The images below are the kind courtesy of Callum and Nick Carr.

Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | The Original Seal Locking System.

As part of this restoration of the Crestworth Princess, a new locking system was invented. Below one can see the original seal found on the Crestworth Princess which features a cross metal spider when screwed pushes the flat seal down into the bottle. Due to the age, these are often found in poor condition or need replacing. So a new way to finish these lamps was invented.

Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | The New Seal Locking System.

A new way to seal the Crestworth Princess Rocket lamp is presented below.

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