2019 | October 2019 Mathmos Introduces Pod & Pod + Lava Lamp Range | Candle Powered Lava Lamps ...

In October 2019, Mathmos two new candle powered lava lamp designs, under the name Pod & Pod+. These two designs joined Mathmos' Fireflow R1 rocket candle powered lava lamp design, offered at the time in silver and copper finishes.

Pod is virtually the same size as Fireflow R1 whilst Pod+ is taller due to its pedestal style base which is reminiscent of Crestworth's Cosmos design. Pod and Pod+ featured the existing Mathmos candle colour ways such as: Violet/Red, Blue/Yellow, Yellow/Orange and Pink/Blue. We love them both and they are perfect for camping and when you need a lava lamp but don't need the wire. Enjoy the images below which show the unboxing of the Mathmos Pod and Pod+ lava lamps and power up. Early versions featured numbered packaging of the first 100.

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