menu | A Detailed Look at the The Phantomlite & Super Phantom Fibre Optic Lamps. Images by: Nick & Callum Carr | 1973

One of the most commonly found Crestworth fibre optics aside from the Galaxy, is the Crestworth Phantom Lite, first launched by Crestworth in 1973. It originally shipped in a pink box with a small diagram of the lamp on the top with the words Phantom Lite written at the top. The base is made features a copper finish and the fibre optics slot into the hole at the top. The Crestworth Phantom lite is a wonderful product with automatic colour changing. To create the Super Phantom, Crestworth created a special base for the Phantom Lite, which turned the base into a sphere. | The Crestworth Super Phantom Fibre Optic Lamps. Images by: Donna Drury.

An example of a Super Phantom (Phantom Lite with additional base), can be seen below. This particular lamp was purchased from Selfridges in 1977 and a copy of the receipt can even be seen below.

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