The Crestworth Icons | Astro Nordic & Glitterlite

An example of a Crestworth Nordic featuring the Glitterlite bottle. The Nordic is a stunning design with a beautiful base that looks great everywhere. It is absolutely stunning.

The Ever Popular Glitterlite: -Safe Small glitter floating slowing in coloured fluid.

Below one can see two examples of the Crestworth Glitterlite. The Glitterlite unlike the Crestworth Living Jewel lamps featured slow moving smaller glitter pieces in an array of beutiful coloured liquid. They are often seen in the Astro Nordic Enclosure, which as a very elegant enclosure. Unlike the living jewels which are fast moving and are solvent based, the Glitterlite is safe and non-solvent based, but features slower moving glitter.

Glitterlite bottles are identical to common day Mathmos Jet bottles. They will work in Jet bases and in all cylindrical Crestworth bases such as: the Nordic De-luxe base for example.

Distinctively Scandinavian "ASTRO NORDIC" A favourite in modern homes and in hotels clubs and executive suits. Tasteful colour combinations. All metal in up-to-the-minute silver or copper anodic finish. Particularly suitable for contemporary decor. The left image below, shows the lamps assembled. The right image below shows the base which stands on a cone. Max 40w is recommended in the base. Finished with a felted base. Thank you to Orbitz for the wonderful image below of his Crestworth Glitterlite.

The Crestworth Icons | Astro Nordic

The images below show the Astro Nordic design that was designed by Crestworth and offered with Lava and glitter. The Nordic design features a beautiful cone base, where the whole lamp is elevated on the cone base which creates a stunning look and feel. These lamps were sold in copper and silver finishes.

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