2019 | Mathmos Launches iO. The Highly Awaited Beautiful Giant Floor-Standing Lava Lamp Design ...

The Mathmos iO giant lava lamp was designed over a period of several years and launched in Autumn of 2019. iO is named after Jupiter's moon, which according to NASA, the most volcanically active spot in the Solar System, it even has lakes of molten silicate lava on its surface.

This is the successor to the much loved giant Mathmos Lunar floor-standing lava lamp of the the 1990s and the very early 2000s. iO sits at 78cm tall and was designed by Mathmos in collaboration with industrial designers J.Coles and J.French. The design echoes the safety features from the Mathmos Neo with an interlocking structure, reminiscent of the early 2000s Mathmos Jetstream. This structure allows the cap to join the base via a set of running side bars to increase safety of the lamp. It can also be fixed down onto a surface if required.

iO is the first Mathmos lava lamp to be powered by linear halogen bulbs, specifically 80w R7 78mm linear halogen capsule bulbs. Three were included with each lamp.

Original colour combinations launched in 2019 with Mathmos iO are: Blue/ Green, Yellow/ Orange and Violet/ Red.

This is a stunning Mathmos lava lamp that will go on to become the new collectable giant lava lamp just like the Mathmos Lunar.

Images of iO's packaging are kind courtesy of R. Dekker and images of iO are the kind courtesy of P. Bottiglieri.

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