Mathmos Glitter Jets | A 1990s Glitter Lamp from Mathmos

Whilst the Mathmos Jet is better known for being a lava lamp, it returned to its roots to become a glitter lamp in the Mid 1990s and was Mathmos' first main attempt to bring back glitter into the product range in the 1990s. This would then be followed by the introduction of Glitter Baby in the later 1990s, the sister glitter product to the Astro Baby.

In its earliest mention, Jets featuring glitter were simply referred to as: "glitter lamp" and feature the same Crestworth Jet bases which at this particular moment in time were manufactured from black phenolic and spray painted alluminium. Glitter Jets never shipped with later whole plastic Jet bases.

Enjoy the images below of the Mathmos Jet featuring glitter ...

Mathmos Direct Sales Brochure | January 1996

January 1996 Mathmos Product Range. Please see below.

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