The Glitterama Story | 1990s Glitterama Glitter Lamps manufactured in Poole Dorset ...

The story regaring Glitterama. Glitterama was a short-lived side company that was founded by Edward Craven Walker in the 1990s which created beautiful glitter lamps with (more commonly seen multi-coloured) fine slow moving glitter. Glitterama fluid bottles don't have a great deal of motion but are rather beautiful to look at. Their lamps often feature beautifully anodised bases and caps and are very interesting pieces of history.

Their factory was just next to the Original Crestworth factory in Poole. Glitterama's Jardiniere model featured the lunar style bottle. There was also a small model too.

Assorted variations of the Glitteramas, in beautiful anodised enclosures and in different sizes exist and were produced in two sizes, the smaller ones are powered by 30w reflector bulbs and the larger types are powered by 75w bulbs. Larger models used the Mathmos Lunar bottles and so many collectors use Mathmos Lunar bottles for a lava lamp option. Images below of a Glitterama model LJ3 are kind courtesy of: Stuart Robinson.

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