menu | A Detailed Look at the The Crestworth Flowerlite Fibre Optic Lamp. Images by Jeb Paterson

Below: Crestworth Flowerlite Images kind courtesy of Jeb Paterson. Certainly Crestworth's most traditional fibre optic design was the Flowerlite, which presents colour-changing, illuminated, flowers, gently rotating in a smokey perspex enclosure. Beautifully photographed by Jeb Paterson for, Flowerlite by Crestworth featured automatic colour changing via a rainbow wheel located in the base of the lamp, which adds visual interest to the display. Unlike cheap copies of Flowerlite, the level of detail of Flowerlite's optics, is simply stunning and would have been the perfect illuminated decoration for the home of this period.

A vintage news cutting from Monday 9th July 1979 by The Birmingham Post is of interest:

"Flower Power - Hand-made flower lamps, shaped out of fibres which change through six different colours, are being shown by Crestworth Limited (A 6). Mr Peter Farr, sales and products promotion manager, says: 'We hope that they will really take off this Christmas. They will retail at about £50'. The range consists of an orchid, a lily, and a hibiscus, all of which revolve as they change colour."

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