1990s Mathmos Astro Flock Limited Editions | Orange | Red | Green

During the Mid Nineties, Mathmos produced a range of Astros known as the Astro Flock. Astro Flock was a limited production run on exclusive editions of the Astro. The cap and base shapes were the same as a traditional Astro, but the surfaces of the base and cap were covered with lovely furry and fluffy flocked material, making them fun to hold. As a general rule the flock contained coloured bottles that were the opposite of the colours of the base and cap.

The flock was produced in 3 colours: Red base and cap with a Green and Green bottle, Green base and cap with Red/Red bottle. There was also an Orange flock with featured a special Violet/Violet Bottle. These 3 colourways which are the complete lineup can seen in the images above.

The base contained a ring of plastic translucent widgets that had the mathmos M logo on each one. As they are translucent, they glow when the product is switched on. All of the lamps feature the same red translucent widgets that are orientated in a circlular fashion on the base. As they are slightly translucent they do pick up the light that the light bulb gives. The Astro Flock also had a line dimmer as standard. These lamps are exclusive and very hard to find in good condition.

The base of the flock will state an edition number. This should match the number on the front of the box. Flocks came with a certificate, with Edward Craven Walker's signature.

The box also contains the Flock logo pasted on the front and top. The flock logo on the box is made from the same material as the flock, and therefore is fluffy too. The side of the packaging box features the Mathmos logo flocked too. Flocks were created as special pieces and therefore sold at a much higher value. An orange version was also produced.

Astro flocks are Astro lamps which were produced by Mathmos in a limited edition and are very exclusive. There are three versions of the Mathmos Astro Flock: Red, Green, Orange. The essential difference is that the Astro flock has the cap and base covered very well in a flock based material making it fluffy to the touch and really textured. It gives a wonderful finish that makes you just want to pet the lamp with your hand. Astro flocks also came with distinctly different coloured globes. They came with a certificate signed by Craven Walker. These lamps are unique limited editions and have the number of production on the base.

One should note that holes were drilled into the base of the Astro Flock and rubber translucent red Mathmos symbols were placed onto the base, just so cool. Thank you to Bohdan for helping me with the Astro Flock page. Thank you to Bohdan to for the images above. These images above show the range of base styles in detail, a Red Astro Flock with Green/Green. Also note that each Flock has the production number on the base. Flocks do rule.

::::::::: 1997 Mathmos Astro Flock in Green. :::::::::

Astro Flock is just so adorably velvety. Below one can see images of a Green Astro Flock. This particular lamp was purchased in 1997, and is model: 160 of 1000. Only 1000 of each lamp was made. The image assortment below shows multiple shots of the lamp. One can see the base style with the astro name engraved in the base plate with the identification sticker showing the manufacturer and the edition number. The edition number on the base will match the number on the front of the box. In this case 160. The paperwork shows the certificate of authenticity which features a signature of Edward Craven Walker. One cansee selctive parts of the box such as the flock logo and the Mathmos logo have pasted flocked material. The box reads: "It's furry and it's fun to feel." The top of the box states: "Velvety to the touch you'll love it so much". Flocks Rule.

The base of the flock just the like cap is covered with a beautiful flocked coating. This gives the lamps, a beautiful vibrant colour and texture. However the base features a ring of translucent widgets shaped like the Mathmos M logo that are translucent. When the lamp is illumunated these glow and add an extra dimension to the lamp. Please see the images below of an amazing Flock lamp seen on ebay for sale.

Below one can see images of a Red Mathmos Flock cap and the translucent widgets placed into the base of the Mathmos Astro Flock.

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