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Over the years, starting in the 1990s, Mathmos introduced a range of colour phasing lamps powered by bulbs known as Faze. There are 3 generations of Faze Lamps. Faze 1 is rarely seen but essentially has a semi-spherical base with a pole containing the light fittings on the lamp. Below one can see a trade show card showing the Mathmos Astro Wall and the Faze 1 design. The shade is created by plastic strips which form a bubble shade around the lamp's stem. Faze 2 advanced the product category with more advanced technology and a tubular design. Faze 3, the floor-standing pyramid shaped piece, provides the ultimate luxury in colour phasing lamps and such technology. Faze 3 was complete with sound responsive technology and a remote control so people could access the lamp from the comfort of the sofa. This page of is dedicated to the history of these lamps and brochure images pertaining to Faze 1, 2, 3 can be seen below.

Faze 1.1 | Blue, Red & Green

Faze 1.2 | Blue, Red & Yellow

Faze 2.1 | Red to Blue

Faze 2.2 | Yellow to Red

Faze 3 | One model with various modes and remote control to select different modes.

Mathmos Faze 1 | Photography & Card | Also featuring Astro Wall

Mathmos Faze 2 | Photography & Card

Mathmos Faze 3 | 1998-1999 Mathmos Brochure Showing Faze 3 | Shown as New

Mathmos Faze 3 | Dedicated Brochure

Mathmos Faze 3 | Instructions

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