Mathmos Eclipse Lights | Lunar & Solar Eclipse | Optically Beautiful

Mathmos created two editions of the Eclipse products. Lunar Eclipse featured a wire mesh diffuser and thus created an added optical effect. Lunar Eclipse also featured a colder range of colours to mirror the colours of the Moon. Solar Eclipse featured warmer brighter colours with a frosted polymer diffuser. Just like all of Mathmos' softlight products, Eclipse lights feature the soft-press Mathmos technology, where you simply press on the lamp to switch it on and off.

Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse remain some of my favourite products from the 2000s and their optical effect is stunning. Below one can see images from a Mathmos brochure and further more stunning nightime photography of the Solar Eclipse.

Mathmos Eclipse Lights | Lunar Eclipse | Optically Beautiful

Please see night photos of the Lunar Eclipse and brochure material.

Mathmos Eclipse Lights | Solar Eclipse | Optically Beautiful

Please see night photos of the Solar Eclipse | The colour range on these products and the optical effect is stunning.

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