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Crestworth's Telstar lamp was a distinctive Crestworth product that was extremely popular in the vintage years.

The images below show a page scan from a 1976 UK Argos Catalogue. Telstar was Crestworth's most affordable lamp and extremely popular, especially in export markets. Although, Telstar was designed to be the most cost effective to purchase, Telstar had all the hallmarks of Crestworth's excellent design and manufacturing. Earlier Telstar pieces had a duo-part base where later on this moved to a single piece metal exterior.

Telstar was offered in both copper and silver finishes and featured all of Crestworth’s liquid formulations. Telstar could be purchased with Astro liquids, to produce the beautifully mesmerising Astro shapes and patterns (as seen on the left in product no: 1). Telstar also shipped with slow moving glitter (Glitterlite, as seen on the left in product no: 2) and fast moving glitter too. Telstar offered a wonderful design featuring a flared base that offers the lamp stability and beautiful design. Thank you to Paul Meade & Jerome Dopson for kindly donating the 1976 Argos Catalogue Scans and images that display Crestworth’s Telstar product in copper featuring Astro liquids and silver featuring Crestworth’s shimmering Glitterlite liquid formulation.

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