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Crestworth's Telstar lamp was a distinctive Crestworth product that was extremely popular in the vintage years, being the most affordable Crestworth lamp, offered in a whole myraid of different liquid options from slow-moving GlitterLite glitter to fast moving glitter to the Astro bubble liquids.

Crestworth also created a table lamp version which featured the option for placing a shade on the top to offer both functional light and ambient effects. This is just one of many designs created by Crestworth which featured the option of adding a shade ... Images are courtesy of Anthony Voz. Height 17" Base width 5 1/4" Whilst the catalogue material refers to these lamps as 'Glitterlite Table Lamps' it should be noted that packaging for these lamps were double sided. One side shows the lamp with Glitterlite liquids and the other with Astro lava lamp liquids. So it is safe to say that these lamps were sold as either glitter or lava lamps. | Crestworth Nordic Table Lamp MK2

The Crestworth Nordic Table Lamp redefines the combination of Crestworth's fascinating lamps with the option of adding a shade. Known as also the MK 2 Table lamp, these lamps are elegant, functional and always fascinating. MK2 is the more sophisticated of the two Crestworth designs, which has the power cable hidden within the metal structure of the lamp. Image is courtesy of Craig French. Height 21" Base width 8 1/4"

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