The Crestworth Astro Mini Types and Different Details...

The early 1960s Astro Mini had an open base design and featured shorter bases than the 1970's Crestworth Astro Mini. The early editions of the Astro Mini were open at the base and made from two parts, this then transitioned to still being open at the base but being made from one piece and later editions featured a one piece base and Crestworth Bakelite black base, to conform with wiring legislation which insisted on wiring being sealed within product.

The Crestworth Icons | These are Originals | These are the icons | These lamps started the lava lamp range.

Over the years Crestworth created a range of stunning designs. From the Astro to the Astro Nordic to the Astro Lantern to the Astro Mini, there are designs for different people and different tastes. Crestworth also later launched other designs such as the Living Jewel featuring the Astro Nordic de luxe base and cap configuration and the Telstar range.

Product lineup: Favoured for its Charm THE ORIGINAL "ASTRO": Perfect anywhere. Designed to suit any mood, any decor - in the home, office or public place. The "professional" extra for waiting rooms, halls and reception areas. Metal parts gleaming copper anodic finish. The box reads: The exotic conversation piece AN "ASTRO" LAMP by Crestworth Ltd.

ASTRO 'MINI' - Simple Elegance Will enhance the attractions of any room - has the clean, handsome lines of ageless good taste. Perfect for table settings and as a decorative piece for all occasions.
So graceful! - ideal for use in pairs. Smart copper finish to metal parts. Colours to choice. Height 16" Base 4"

Crestworth Astro & Astro Mini | Our Gallery Dedicated To Crestworth Classics ...

Our gallery below displays a range of Crestworth lamps from the iconic Astro, to the sleek smaller Astro Mini, to the Astro Nordic De Luxe. Crestworth lamps are classic orginals that are still loved today by people all over the world.

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