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This page of is dedicated to a very beautiful and elegant Crestworth export lamp known as the Cosmos, as listed in a Crestworth French brochure (Please see images below). This design was also the first Nordic design created and known as the Nordic.

Cosmos also features an open style base with no base covering nor a felted base. Like many early Crestworth products such as the early open based Astro Mini, they feature no identication of the manufacturer on the base of the lamp. Early versions of this lamp feature a non-ridge design that pre-dates the later ridge versions that assist the bottles to sit into the base design.

The Cosmos was an early Crestworth Ltd. lamp that used "jet" style bottles meaning that replacement bottles from jets can be used. The Cosmos is normally seen for sale in France and has only been seen wired for european markets with a switch on the cable by default. It is very often seen with the small moving glitterlite glitter in a range of beautiful colours. The base is often refered to as the pedestal style base as it features a pedestal and is very elegant. It really elevates the bottle and makes it look very elegant.

Please take a look at the images below which document this stunning lamp.

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