The Later 2000s | The Third Era of Lava Lamps from Mathmos | Including Fireflow & Candle Powered Designs

  • Beyond the Second Era | Looking into the Third Era of Lava Lamps.
  • The 2000s have been an interesting period of change at Mathmos. Mathmos grew from being the Original Manufacturer of the Lava lamp to being the world leader of ambient lighting.
  • At Christmas 2007 Mathmos released a white Christmas promotion with several new products in a white theme, such as a white edition of the Aduki that produces clear white light as opposed to coloured light. Space Projector saw the launch of a new colour wheel clear/clear which added a futuristic element to the product. However Mathmos released the Clear/ White Astro (please see images below), the first time since the Mathmos 3-in-1 product as seen in the 1999-2000 Mathmos brochure.
  • 2009 saw a mini television feature regarding the history of the Mathmos lava lamp to be made. To celebrate 46 years of the lamps being in production Mathmos released, Mathmos released a Red/Blue Astro in patriotic colours to mirror the British flag and a symbol of British innovation.
  • Mathmos refreshed the lava range with the introduction of Clear/ Turquoise and Clear/ Pink colour ways. These colours were released in Astro, Astro Baby and Fireflow bottles. Mathmos Introduces White Astro Baby.
  • Mathmos' Blue/ Blue colourway was retired.
  • Fireflow saw the release of clear/ glitter bottles being produced.
  • Mathmos then went on to develop Fireflow, innovative candle powered designs. Fireflow was launched late 2009 and featured two designs: Fireflow R1, a small rocket shaped design (featured in chrome and dark nickel chrome finishes) and a modernist edition, (featuring a pearl chrome finish, named Fireflow O1). These models are designed to operate on a mere tealight. These models continue the legacy of lava.
  • Mathmos also released a new finish for the ever popular Astrobaby products in White. This painted white finish adds a subtle new finish to the iconic piece.
  • As we look to the future we can only imagine how the third generation of lava lamps will be imagined.

Mathmos 2007 | Mathmos Introduced New Colour Clear & White | Just like Snow

Mathmos 2009 Poole | Mathmos Sterte Avenue Memories

Just shortly before Mathmos transitioned to a new premises in Poole. I visited the historic Mathmos Sterte Avenue location. This location was used in the vintage years as well as the 1990s. The images below show a range of memories from Sterte Avenue.

First Row: One can see the Mathmos sign proudly displayed on the top of the building, the Mini mathmos display of products near the reception. One can see one of the new 2009 lava colours clear and turquoise happily bubbling away.

Second Row: Mathmos reception, Lava filling facility corner where all the bottles are filled, storage of Mathmos bottles packed and ready to be enjoyed by people.

Third Row: Filling the Mathmos Fireflow bottles with the original Mathmos masterfluid and wax. One can see the masterfluid being filled into the bottles, the liquid level being adjusted and the bottles clear after being tanked and ready to cool down and be packaged. Note the care that goes into the original Mathmos lava lamps. Mathmos are the sole manufacturer of the orginal lava lamp and the only people to still manufacture the lamps themselves and in the same country of original origin.

Fourth Row: An original Mathmos lava lamp being gift wrapped and Mathmos products ready to be shipped out to people.

Mathmos 2009 | Unboxing a 2009 Telstar | Classic Designs are still in Production.

The images below show the unboxing of a Mathmos 2009 Telstar, shortly before the packaging change on Mathmos lava lamps and other products. Don't you just love the way these are just packaged. The Original 1963 icon. If it isn't Mathmos, then it isn't from the inventors. Stunning finishes on this wonderful Telstar. Please see the images below.

Mathmos 2009 British Limited Edition Astro Lamp | Images by Spencer Wilton

2009 saw a mini television feature regarding the history of the Mathmos lava lamp to be made. To celebrate 46 years of the lamps being in production Mathmos released, Mathmos released a Red/Blue Astro in patriotic colours to mirror the British flag and a symbol of British innovation. Images are kind courtesy of Spencer Wilton.

Mathmos 2009 | Mathmos Introduces Clear/ Turquoise & Clear/ Pink and a White Astro Baby ...

2009 saw Mathmos add Clear/ Turquoise and Clear/ Pink colour combinations to the Mathmos lava lamp range. Mathmos also introduced a white version of the Astro Baby lava lamp.

Mathmos 2009 Fireflow | The Third Era of Lava Lamps from Mathmos | Candle-Powered Designs ...

Fireflow Candle Powered Lava Lamp Designs were first launched by Mathmos in 2009.

Mathmos 2009 Fireflow | The Third Era of Lava Lamps from Mathmos | Instruction Manual.

Fireflow Instruction Manual. - Showing how the assemble the various models. Please note that the Mathmos R1 support ring needs to be placed inside the lamp to hold the lamp bottle properly in place. Note to the install the O1 bottle, please follow the instructions below.

The first colour combinations released by Mathmos with the Fireflow Models. Note: Clear/ Pink, Clear/ Green, Clear/ Turquoise, Clear/ Purple and Clear/ Glitter. Purple and Glitter were discontinued and in 2016 Mathmos added: Violet/ Orange and Blue/ Yellow. In 2018, Mathmos introduced the Fireflow R1 in a Copper finish and added two new colourways, the striking Pink/ sBlue and Yellow/ Orange.

Mathmos 2009 Fireflow | The Third Era of Lava Lamps from Mathmos | Unboxing | Note the cool products on the flaps

Opening the box. Note the cool products on the flap of the product. Mathmos Gritito Shade, Windlight, Thaw, Bubble, Aduki Ni, Babushka, Astro, Revolution, Grito shade (red interior) and Airswitch selection.

Mathmos 2009 Fireflow | The Third Era of Lava Lamps from Mathmos | Additional Assorted Images of Fireflow O1.

Additional assorted images of Fireflow O1, note the beautiful pearl chrome finish on the pieces. The Mathmos logo is embossed on the top of the piece.

Mathmos Updated Lava Lamp Packaging | New Packaging Design for Classic Mathmos Lava Lamps

Updated Mathmos Lava Lamp box artwork, showing vintage images of the history of the lava lamp from various decades and eras. This perhaps the most nostalgic packaging ever created by Mathmos, displaying the beautiful history behind the lava lamp and its unique legacy. Please see the images below.

Mathmos 2010 World Cup Mathmos Astrobaby Lamp featuring Clear & Red Bottle | Images by Spencer Wilton

In 2010 Mathmos released a Mathmos Astrobaby lamp featuring a clear/ red bottle to celebrate the 2010 World Cup, the standard white base with a limited clear/ red bottle creates a piece for this event. Only 150 of these lamps were created and feature a sticker on the box of the lamp stating the number out of 150. Please see the mini unboxing below. Images are kind courtesy of Spencer Wilton. Mathmos Monster Lava Lamps Released in 2010

In 2010, Mathmos released stunning new floor-standing lava lamps in a tubular format. These dazzling massive bespoke lava lamps are floor standing and completely stunning. The photos below taken at Kingsland Road and the LDF '10 showcase the amazing beauty of these stunning pieces. Mathmos Smart Astro | The World's First Lava Lamp with Smart Technology

Smart Astro Lava Lamp by Mathmos is a radically new kind of lava lamp. An innovation combined with a revolution, Smart Astro features Mathmos' signature colour-changing technology with their world famous lava lamps, known worldwide as the Original. Mathmos' founder Edward Craven Walker invented the lava lamp and it was first launched in 1963. Mathmos is the original, and Smart Astro is stunning. Enjoy the unboxing & review photos below, as we un-open a brand new Mathmos Smart Astro. The first run of these lamps are limited edition up to 1000 pieces. These lamps are beautifully packaged with silver sections placed on the box. We love the Smart Astro. Mathmos 2012 | Mathmos Introduces 1952 - 2012 Royal Jubilee Edition.

In late 2012, Mathmos created a limited edition certificated 1952 - 2012 Royal Jubilee Astro lamp with bunting decals on the cap and printing on the base. Mathmos 2012 | Mathmos Introduces a Matt Black Finish in the Astro lamp model.

In late 2012, Mathmos displayed for the first time a Matt black Astro featuring two options of Clear/ Orange and Clear/ Black bottles. These were the first Astro bottles to feature the narrow neck and new tooling. These Astro lamps would eventually be the initial start of the Mathmos Heritage lava lamp range, that would be greatly expanded in 2013 with the celebrations for Mathmos' 50th Anniversary. Mathmos 2013 | Mathmos Introduces Polished Astro ...

In 2013, Mathmos would retire the brushed finished Astro lamp and replace it with a mirror polished finished Astro. New colour combinations were added to the range as part of Mathmos celebration of its 50th Anniversary. An example of an Astro with the mirrored finish can be seen below. Mathmos 2013 | Mathmos Introduces Heritage Astro Range and 50th Anniversary Celebrations ...

In 2013, Mathmos displayed for the first time its Astro Heritage line of Astro Lamps.These lamps featured the option of Black, Blue or Gold bases which would be anodised to a matt finish. These lamps featured various colour options and finishes. As part of Mathmos' 50th Anniversary celebrations Mathmos would display a giant four column lava lamp displayed at The Royal Festival Hall in London. Mathmos Astro created a limited edition Mathmos lava lamp for the 50th Anniversary. Enjoy the images below. Click on the image below to see more ... Presents | Pretty Green Mathmos Lava Lamp Special Edition 2017 ...

As part of The London Design Festival in September 2017, Mathmos introduced a special edition Astro lamp in collaboration with fashion brand, Pretty Green. This lava lamp features the polished base and cap, alongside two colour combinations: Pink/ Blue and Pink/ Orange. Below you can see images of The Pretty Green Mathmos Astro lava lamp as displayed by Pretty Green on Carnaby Street in London and also by us at Click on the image below to see more ... Presents | Mathmos Neo 2016, 2017 & Neo Wall

In 2016, Mathmos introduced a completely new design named Neo, utilising the Mathmos Astro Baby bottle. Neo is designed by Jonathan Coles for Mathmos who worked on projects for Mathmos such as Aduki and other classic Mathmos lights. Neo features the bottle coated in a plastic sleeve and the ability to be screwed down which allows it to pass safety certification for child use. Neo would be followed in 2017 with a new part white finish, a wall-mounted lava lamp version named Neo Wall and also a new Blue/ Turquoise finish. Enjoy the images below ...

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