::: The Mathmos Astrobaby Customised for the Beatles' Love Album released in 2006. :::

Astrobaby: The Beatles' Love Album Edition.

2006 Mathmos Astrobaby The Beatles' Love Album Custom Edition Lava Lamp.

The Lava Lamp is an icon of the 1960s and so are The Beatles Both icons joined forces in 2006 to create a limited edition lamp to celebrate the release of The Beatles' Love Album which was released in 2006.

This lamp was gifted only to select industry & media execs, and lamp has a customised emblem engraved into the aluminium base and is filled with a cool red lava-liquid which complements the yellow masterfluid nicely. Apart from the base being engraved the lamp is identical to an ordinary Mathmos Astrobaby lamp. It has been seen with the Yellow/Red Mathmos colour combination.

Arguably one of the most elusive & desirable pieces of promotional Beatles memorabilia of recent times, and there were just 50 lamps made.

A definite conversation piece with all the coolness and glam. Very funky. Please see the image assortment below. The item below is not owned by myself personally but it is considered to be extremely desirable to Beatles' collectors and of course Mathmos collectors too.

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