Mathmos Airswitch | Light without touch | The Magic of Mathmos meets Functional Lighting

In the 2000s Mathmos approached functional lighting with Airswitch, creating functional lighting but with a Mathmos magical touch which is so present in their wonderful products.

Airswitch allows a lamp to be switched by simply gesturing with your hands around the lamp. To switch the lamp on and off, just wave your hand over the Airswitch sensory device and the lamp will switch on and off. To brighten and dim the lamp - just simply raise or lower your hand over the sensory device (respectively).

Mathmos launched Airswitch with Airswitch 1 in the form of a conical flask to represent how magical the technology was. This was furthered by the Airswitch AZ a floor standing piece and the Airswitch tc by Two Create that created the element of colour in the piece with colourful dishes that could be placed at the top of the lamp. Mathmos then launched Airswitch O, a wall mounted version of the Airswitch. The floor-standing Airswitch Az was discontinued and became the Airswitch AZ baby, a mini table top version of the floor standing edition.

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: A selection of Airswitch Pieces

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: Operational Principle of Airswitch

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: Airswitch 1 Red | White Graphics

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: Airswitch 1 Christmas Card

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: Airswitch tc by Two Create

Mathmos Airswitch | Below: Airswitch Az by Azumi | Mathmos then launched a baby edition named: Airswitch Az baby

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