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The 2000s were a distinctive period of re-invention for Mathmos, creating a new generation of world-class LED products powered by tiny intelligent light sources known as Light Emitting Diodes. These pieces saw Mathmos transitioning from being the original inventor and manufacturer of the lava lamp to becoming the leaders in ambient kinetic lighting.

The first of such a class of product is Bubble designed by Aaron Rincover. Bubble sent Mathmos into a daze of what could be achieved and how to create the next generation of ambient light powered by LEDs. Bubble was also the first Mathmos Mobile lamp. Bubble, Aduki and Tumbler were classed as Mathmos mobiles due to their internal battery which allows them to hold a charge and be operated completely untethered. Bubble can be seen below, in early 2000s Mathmos catalogs, on the cover and inside. These Mathmos Modern pages serve as a gallery of the Mathmos products powered by LEDs.

Mathmos Modern | The LED Lights Fantastic | Bubble

Assorted images showing Mathmos Bubble, early packaging and early installations. You can also see that packaging was designed to double as a shop display unit creating a window where the Bubble could be visible and illuminated. Please see the images below.

Mathmos Modern | The LED Lights Fantastic | Bubble in the dark | 2000

Assorted images showing Mathmos Bubble (Green) illuminated in the dark and held in a hand. Please see the images below.

Mathmos Modern | The LED Lights Fantastic | Bubble Red Unboxing & First Switch On

Assorted images showing Mathmos Bubble boxed and unwrapping. Bubble is an amazing ball of light and combines Mathmos' flair for kinetic lighting with signature LED technology.

Mathmos Modern | The LED Lights Fantastic | Bubble Illuminate my World | Launched in 2000

Assorted images showing Mathmos Bubble illuminated. Please see the images below. The Mathmos Bubble is perfect for creating ambient installations. Mathmos created the Bubble Nest, the perfect home for the Mathmos Bubble, where when the Mathmos Bubble is placed into the Bubble Nest, the inside becomes a pool of beautiful light. Bubble nest can also be wall mounted too. Please see the images below.

Thank you to Charlie Wood-Penn for the kind images of his Mathmos Bubble and Bubble Nest.

Mathmos Mobiles | Aduki, Bubble & Tumbler | Portable Innovative Lighting

The images below show the Mathmos Mobile range from Mathmos from a mid 2000s brochure. One can see the Mathmos Aduki, the Bubble and the Tumbler. These three products are the Mathmos Mobiles, as they can be charged and can be used anywhere and everywhere. Aduki is shaped like a teardrop, featuring Mathmos' colour changing LED technology and allows one to pause on a single colour if desired. Bubble offers a portable bubble of static coloured light and Tumbler is a glass piece shaped like a block that illuminates in various colours. There are two editions of the Tumbler. There is Flip which changes colour when you move it and Faze which changes the speed of the colour change when you move it. Which one is your favourite?

Mathmos Mobiles | Mathmos Tumbler | Launched in 2001

Mathmos' Tumbler was a Mathmos Mobile product created by Mathmos in the early 2000s and one of the three original Mathmos Mobile products. Just like Aduki and Bubble, Tumbler can charge and store light. Tumbler featured a beautiful glass exterior, where early versions featured glossy glass and the later versions featured a matt finished glass. These lamps look stunning in the dark. The colour range on the Tumbler was beautiful. There are two versions of Tumbler: Flip and Faze. There is Flip which changes colour when you move it and Faze which changes the speed of the colour change when you move it. Early versions of Tumbler were limited to one single colour way and changing the orientation of Tumbler would change the pulse rate. Single colour Tumblers were released in Blue, Red and Green.

Please see the images below.

Mathmos Mobiles | Mathmos Tumbler for Steven Spielberg's TAKEN.

Many of Mathmos' products have been used as promotional items over the years. Below one can see a very rare Tumbler which was customised for Steven Spielberg's Taken. I love the graphics applied to this wonderful lamp and these were made in limited numbers.

Mathmos Mobiles | Aduki &Tradeshow Card | Aduki | A pebble of light | Launched in 2002

The images below show an early 2000s Mathmos tradeshow card. The reverse holds the dates that one can see Mathmos and front displays the beautiful illustrations of the Mathmos Aduki. Note the cute face on the underside of the Aduki. Aduki features a plastic top which illuminates and a reverse that is manufactured from metal and fits perfectly in your hand with a weighted feel. Aduki can colour change between parts of the rainbow and features a pause button to hold the Aduki on any colour. Aduki also features a smiling face on the reverse side of the lamp. The provided cable can be used to hang Aduki creatively. Aduki is a wildly popular Mathmos product and features a half illuminated form inspired by sea worn pebble forms.

Just a like a pebble of light, Aduki is a very unique product. Towards the later 2000s, a range of sister Aduki products were launched such as Aduki Ni featuring a mirrored coating on the top for a sleek metallic finish to the product. Aduki Bling was essentially a gold edition of the Aduki Ni and Mathmos also created an Aduki which only glows exclusively in white.

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