Astro Range: Favoured for its Charm: The Original Astro: Rose/Ruby, Yellow-Green/Amber, Blue/Topaz

Traditional Beauty: Astro Lantern. Two models mentioned: Port (Red) & Starboard (Green)

Simple Elegance: "Astro" "Mini": Rose/Ruby, Yellow-Green/Amber, Blue/Topaz.

The Astro Mini is a very sleek design and unlike the Astro has a faster warmup time due to the fact that there is less wax and liquid that needs to be warmed up. The Astro Mini was packaged in the iconic packaging that showed on the left the descriptive text and on the right a diagram of the Astro Mini with red wax and clear fluid. The illustration is iconic, just like the product which relaunched in the 1990s as the Astrobaby product.

Distinctively Scandinavian: Astro Nordic: Rose/Ruby, Yellow-Green/Amber, Blue/Topaz. The images below show a selection of Crestworth lamps. Nordics use the same size bottle as Mathmos Jets and Crestworth Nordic Deluxe Lamps and Crestworth Telstar lamps. The Astro Nordic also featured in Copper which is not pictured below. Astro Nordics require a 40 watt bulb to operate lava. They are seen closed at the base, and are extremely well produced. They feature a cap which is sometimes adhered onto the bottle. If your Astro Nordic is found cloudy, then do not fear, modern day Mathmos Jet bottles which can be found on eBay can simply fit into the the Astro Nordic.

The Sparkling Crestworth Living Jewel.

The ever popular sparkling: Living Jewel. (Using the Astro Nordic Deluxe Base) Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

The bases of the bottles are often seen painted using heat resistant paint. Examples shown below with the Astro Nordic de-luxe Base. Living Jewel is a solvent glitter style lamp that has fast moving large square glitter pieces. When the lamp is turned off and is cold, the glitter flakes float to the top of the lamp and rest at the top.

Colours that were in production: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow. (As marked on the side of the packaging box).

The Nordic de-luxe style Lamps.

Nordic de-luxe lamps are commonly known as jet lamps this came out in the mid 70s and were produced in 3 different types:
1. Nordic de-luxe Glitterlite edition. 2. Nordic de-luxe bubble (lava type) 3. Nordic de-luxe living jewel (fast moving glitter/ solvent based). | Crestworth Telstar | 1976 Argos Catalogue Scans

Crestworth's Telstar lamp was a distinctive Crestworth product that was extremely popular in the vintage years.

The images on the left show a page scan from a 1976 UK Argos Catalogue. Telstar was Crestworth's most affordable lamp and extremely popular, especially in export markets. Although, Telstar was designed to be the most cost effective to purchase, Telstar had all the hallmarks of Crestworth's excellent design and manufacturing. Earlier Telstar pieces had a duo-part base where later on this moved to a single piece metal exterior.

Telstar was offered in both copper and silver finishes and featured all of Crestworth’s liquid formulations. Telstar could be purchased with Astro liquids, to produce the beautifully mesmerising Astro shapes and patterns (as seen on the left in product no: 1). Telstar also shipped with slow moving glitter (Glitterlite, as seen on the left in product no: 2) and fast moving glitter too. Telstar offered a wonderful design featuring a flared base that offers the lamp stability and beautiful design. Thank you to Paul Meade & Jerome Dopson for kindly donating the 1976 Argos Catalogue Scans and images that display Crestworth’s Telstar product in copper featuring Astro liquids and silver featuring Crestworth’s shimmering Glitterlite liquid formulation.

MK1... Two Part Base Construction. Base is Constructed from Two Parts.

MK2... Single Part Base Construction. | Crestworth Telstar Table Lamp MK 1

Crestworth's Telstar lamp was a distinctive Crestworth product that was extremely popular in the vintage years, being the most affordable Crestworth lamp, offered in a whole myraid of different liquid options from slow-moving GlitterLite glitter to fast moving glitter to the Astro bubble liquids. Crestworth also created a table lamp version which featured the option for placing a shade on the top to offer both functional light and ambient effects. This is just one of many designs created by Crestworth which featured the option of adding a shade ... | Crestworth Nordic Table Lamp MK2

The Crestworth Nordic Table Lamp redefines the combination of Crestworth's fascinating lamps with the option of adding a shade. Known as also the MK 2 Table lamp, these lamps are elegant, functional and always fascinating. Image is courtesy of Craig French.

Crestworth Icons of Illumination | Wall Mounted Crestworth Nordic Sconce Design ...

Crestworth created a beautiful and diverse range of Glitterlite lamp designs, from table lamps which featured the option to accommodate lampshades, a stunning wall-mounted model, to their entry-level Telstar design, to the elegant export Cosmos design, to even a beautiful brass finished model.

We particularly love the wall-mounted Crestworth Nordic sconce design which features a backlight option. This design features two switches, each placed on either side of the lamp's design. One switch would switch on the backlight on the top and bottom of the piece. The other switch activates the lamp's main feature, to illuminate the contents of the bottle. The models most often seen, feature the Glitterlite formulation but Crestworth's wall-mounted lamps also featured the Astro lava lamp liquids and if the customer wished, The Living Jewel.

Manufactured by Crestworth in both copper and silver anodic finishes. With special thanks to Christian Schulze-Bäing for the images below of the Crestworth Nordic sconce design.

Glitterlite: Known Colours: Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire (Night Sky), Amber (Autumn Leaves).

The Living Jewel | Crestworth Nordic De Luxe MK 2 Design - Crestworth's Dazzling Fast Moving Glitter Lamp. Crestworth's Living Jewel was a fast moving glitter lamp often sold in the Nordic de luxe MK 2 base and cap configuration. These pieces can easily be identified as they have large pieces of silver glitter and they feature longer caps that Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps often found in Nordic styled lamps. When cold the glitter floats to the top of the lamp and the lamp produces fast motion when the lamp is on. Living Jewel has been seen with clear fluid and a rainbow painted under the bottle and also in: Green, Blue, Red & Yellow colours as stated on the box. Images from multiple sources and with special thanks to Second-City-Bazaar.

Non-Lava products from Crestworth included: The Traction Lamp, The Cannon Timer and the Mistrolite. These can be seen in a part of the Crestworth Ltd 1960s brochure, below. Further to this this opens the discussion, showing that Crestworth was a leader in kinetic lighting with original ideas and products, yet they ventured out of their main market which was Astro based.

The Traction Lamp is far shorter in height than the Astro Lantern. As one can see the traction lamp is essentially a model steam engine which has been placed inside a lantern, representing new and old meeting together. Copper finish and handle similar design to the Astro Coach Lantern. There was also two editions of the Traction Lamp. The romance of the steam age captured by present design techniques with the soothing movement of turning wheels throwing a light of the POWER OF THE PAST! Lamp in bright copper anodic finish.

The images below are courtesy of Preston, who kindly took images of his Crestworth Traction Lamp. They show the product from various angles, the aesthetic and the form of the product. The Traction lamp is a true piece of beautiful Crestworth craftwork.

The Traction lamps are a different kind of kinetic lighting and shows how diverse the Crestworth product range was at the time. The images below were very kindly donated by: Anthony Voz, Preston, Vintage Things Forever & John Hetherington who kindly photographed this amazing Crestworth piece. Enjoy the photos.

The Mistrolite - Crestworth's Dazzling Colour Phasing Lamp. Operating silently by heat convection the Mistrolite produces a slowly rotating, soothing pattern of intermingled colours - or if you prefer, by simple adjustment, a faster pyschodelic effect. Each colour pattern is indivdually produced so no two are identical, and this adds to the uniqueness of the lamp. Inside every Mistrolite is colour tube that spins via the heat of the light bulb, the result is beautiful colours projected onto the glass surface of the lamp. Crestworth produced two Mistrolite designs, the smaller featuring an Astro styled base and the larger which shares a base similar to that of the Crestworth Cosmos.

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