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::: This page is dedicated to bringing you images of the lamps of this era. Most of Mathmos' product range was dedicated to Lava, Glitter lamps along with the Space Projector, Fibre Space and the Faze 3 ::: Below one can see the images of Mathmos' Astro and the Telstar including the Astro 3-in-1 and the Millennium Telstar and the whole colourway ranges that were in production in 1999-2000. Astro is in production: Please see colour chart above for colour range. :::

Below: Joint Image showing: Glitterbaby (left), Astrobaby (right). Astrobaby is in production: Please see colour chart for colour range. Silver Finish Only.

Below: The Mathmos selection of Glitterbaby and Mathmos lamps.

Glitterbaby is in production: Please see images above for a selection of Glitterbabies. Silver Cap and Base only. The Glitterbabies featured slow moving large pieces of glitter in clear or a range of coloured liquids. Many of the bottles also feature heat resistant coloured paint on the base. Below one can see a selection of Mathmos Glitterbaby products and the Glitterbaby mascot on the left top of each image.

Mathmos Jet (Please see image below): Optional White or Black Body. Plastic Base and Cap Unlike Previous Jet model which was had a metal body and was painted glossy black. Colour Combos: Violet/Red, Blue/Blue, Green/Blue, Violet/Orange, Yellow/Orange, Pink/White. The Jet was a great product to introduce people to Mathmos products.

Millennium Edition White Telstar & 3 in 1 Astro. Clear and white lava with an option of three colour boosting bulbs (Red, Green and Blue) to modify the colour of the lavas. Please see images below. Below: Joint Image showing: Millennium Edition Telstar (left) and 3-in-1 Astro (right) Lamps. The Millennium Edition can change the colour of the wax by changing the bulb.

Below: Mathmos Branding During the late 1990s showing the wonderful vibrant graphics that adorned the pages and product images.

Below: 1999-2000 Mathmos Staff including Mathmos' MD Cressida Granger and staff from Poole and London Locations.

Below: A detailed selection of Mathmos lava lamps and locations during the 1990s and early 2000s. This graphic is testament to visual intensity of Mathmos products | The Second Era of Popularity.

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